Gia Favia, Owner - Esthetician

after attending columbia college and the art institute-miami for fashion design, i realized life was pushing me in a different direction.  i decided to pack up my belongings and take off on the road.  a month later, i found myself in venice, california.  it was in venice when i realized what i needed to do.  i've always had a passion for skin care, mainly because of my own personal struggle with breakouts.  after a handful of spas and a medicine cabinet full of useless product, i met an aesthetician who changed my life.  she took the time to educate me about my skin condition and how to properly take care of my skin from home.  her passion, love, and willingness to help, sparked my desire to do the same.  i attended the university of aesthetics in wicker park where i learned the skills needed to become an esthetician.  now i get to do the same for my clients everyday.

August 1, 2013 I signed the lease to 1855 west chicago ave.  I was ready to start a new adventure on my own.  starting with a shell of a store front, i created my dream with the help of my dad and a few friends in four very short months.

Almost everything in here is either picked, refurbished, handed down, or custom made.  I'm excited to show everyone what i've created. 


Ashley Gregory is a gifted, in-demand nail artist, who brings the latest in nail technology and fashion to Spa Social.

Ashley treats nails as the ultimate fashion accessory, lasting through several wardrobe changes, and allowing the wearer to express their individual style and point of view. Nails are the accessory you can’t put down. 

Ashley creates custom looks for her clients through collaboration, inspiration, and flawless application. Working as a session manicurist, Ashley also creates nail looks for magazines and commercial clientele, and specializes in freehand painted nail art. Her work has appeared in several publications and on the cover of Nails Magazine in the summer of 2013.

Experienced in all facets of nail care, Ashley is hungry to learn the newest techniques and grounded in tried-and-true methods to maintain the health and beauty of her clients’ nails. Ashley endeavors to make all of her clients feel at ease while she works to bring out the beautiful potential in everyone’s hands.

Honors & Awards

                                            International Nail Technician of the Year 2013

                                    Nails’ Next Top Nail Artist Top 12 Finalist

ANNA MARIE DELAROSA - Hair Stylist/Beauty Expert

Anna Marie Delarosa is a renown Chicago-based hair stylist and beauty expert with over

14 years of experience. She is passionate about creating stunning looks and uncovering

gorgeous hair, and while she enjoys working with all hair types, she is particularly

skilled at detailed cuts and correctional color.

Her training began at Salon Blue, and has continued with Redken advanced color

courses and Bumble & Bumble styling and cutting technique courses in NYC. Anna Marie

has appeared on ABC 7's Morning Makeover segment, and in 2010 was recognized in the

Best-of-Chicago Hair Awards by Chicago Magazine.

Beginning in April of 2014, Anna Marie will be on staff at Spa Social. Book your

Spa Social hair appointment today!